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A competition for all, those already acquainted with policy proposals and those who have yet to learn.

Organisers concentrate their efforts on providing participants with skills that could prove instrumental for their personal or academic projects. Have a look at the competition's brief presentation at a glance, discover the competition's comprehensive handbook with some guidelines on the policy proposals and move a step forward by either signing up to receive notifications about the competition and participate in the project.

This competition is open to all! Get a grasp of it:

In addition to guidelines for the policy proposal in the competition's handbook, a special training session for writing the proposal is on the agenda.

At a glance


“America is back” and Europe is relieved in the face of an improving transatlantic relation. Yet, hurdles to cooperation remain. In particular, the regulation of “Big Tech'' is a major challenge. For this, our policy-competition asks the next generation of leaders to articulate their vision on how Europe and the US can cooperate to achieve a new sustainable equilibrium regarding the regulation of Big Tech companies. From the perspective of a policy expert, you are asked to advise a government or international organization on how to deal with “Tech Titans”.

The three best policy memos will have a chance at real impact: You present your vision and implementation-steps in a short pitch to top government and international organizations representatives. Meanwhile, throughout the competition, a training session with a policy expert for participants to get the picture of the subject will be proposed.

Mastering one's skills in policy writing, analysing thoroughly the issue of big tech regulations, conceiving an effective policy-making, proposing it to serving policy-makers... This policy competition is an insightful opportunity to help students master their knowledge and

The goal of this policy competition is to provide these thinkers with the opportunity to present their ideas to key transatlantic decision makers and receive feedback and recognition. By addressing the challenges posed by the regulation of so-called “Tech Titans,” participants will strengthen their understanding of the complex role played by government and international organizations in a transatlantic topic where a common approach is just the beginning. In addition to the recognition for the winning proposal, all participants will gain important skills such as the ability to analyze issues in their broader economic, social and political contexts while exploring the potential regulatory mechanisms to affect change and how to write policy memos posed by “Tech Titans” such as Apple, Amazon, Google, or Facebook within the context of transatlantic cooperation.

The Handbook

The competition's handbook contains all the more precise details regarding the competition. While it describes the different steps through which participants will go, it also contains the event's timeline (also available on the Participate page) and some guidance for writing the final policy proposal.

Next Steps

Intrigued by the competition, willing to have more information? We remain at your disposal for any question via the Contact page (you may also contact our project ambassadors in your institution if there is someone at your university--or you can propose to represent the project to all other students there).

I'm down for it! How may I participate? Details regarding the participation in the policy competition are available on the Participate page. In a nutshell, you only have to fill in this form and submit before the deadline your policy proposal!

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