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This website is no longer maintained up-to-date but remains accessible for informative purposes. For further information, please visit and


We are honoured of your trust and all organisers and the members of the jury are looking forward to considering your policy proposals. You may find at first, the description of the participation, then the next steps and the timeline that can help you anticipate. You are also invited to sign up as a participant to receive all the news of the competition, information about the training session and reminders about the deadlines and need to


If you do not plan to participate yet, you can as complete the form as well to receive all the competition's news. Indeed, your participation will only be officialised upon reception of your policy proposal.


You can participate individually or in a group that is no more than three. In case you decide to participate in a group, please make sure to complete the form indicating the precise names and surnames of all group members. Participation requires completing the form so that we are sure all participants will have been invited to the training session and have received the necessary documentations. Nevertheless, you can completely complete the form just to receive notifications about the competition and not have your participation officialised in case you do not hand back your proposal.

If you participate in a group

You can optionally indicate while registering, the member that will be in charge of transmitting the policy proposal. Otherwise, the first policy proposal received on behalf of the group (i.e. with the group's members being mentioned in the email) will account for the group's final proposal.

Past the signing-up deadline, the Organisers will send you or to all members of your group if applicable, more technical details about the submission of your proposal. A more technical documentation regarding the document's format (PDF) and anonomity will soon be made available.

In the meantime, please have a look at the competition's handbook that contains pieces of information regarding the format of the expected policy proposal. You may also have a look at the competition's regulation.

You have until the 15th of August 2021 to register.


The competition will unfold as follows:

  1. Receiving the registrations via the Google Form: from now on until the registration deadline
  2. Registration deadline: 15 August at midnight (CET)
  3. Welcome event and training session about the topic: 16 August
  4. Deadline to submit the policy-proposal: 22 August at midnight (CET)
  5. Designation by the jury of the winning top three policy proposals: 30 August
  6. Pitch-workshop for the winning Top-3: Within 30 August and 3 September
  7. Pitch in front of high-ranking transatlantic policy-makers: Within 6 September and 10 September

The assessment of policy proposals will be done following a grading sheet which has been published in the handbook of the competition. More details surrounding the hour of the designation, the pitch-workshop and final pitch will be made available to participants soon.

Reminders will be sent to all members having registered to receive alerts. You will also be able to subscribe to the competition's calendar to receive personal notifications from your personal calendar client (Apple, Google Calendar, Outlook etc.).

Sign up

To sign up to the project, please fill in this Google Form (a confirmation of your registration should be sent to your email address but if there are too many participants signing up at the same time. The organisers will make sure everyone receives a confirmation upon submission of the form.

Sign up to participate

We are striving to make this competition as insightful as possible! We welcome all suggestions or remarks; don't hesitate to contact us using our Contact form or via your University Project Ambassador!