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August 6th Update

Dear Everyone!

All organisers thank you for your interest and participation in the competition. As of the 3rd of August, here is an overview of the competition (especially regarding the composition of all teams):

  • For the Jury Members: A handful of members have already given a positive answer to our request so the Jury Committee (which will be in charge of assessing and ranking all proposals) is almost complete, although some members may still join it.
    • Erich Vad: Former Military and Security Policy Advisor to the German Chancellor and former Brigadier-General of the German Armed Forces.
    • Alessandro Merli: Associate Fellow of the Johns Hopkins University at SAIS Europe and Adjunct Professor of International Economics at the Bologna Business School.
    • Norbert Baas: Former Diplomat and German Ambassador in several states, international organisations and having worked in different government positions.
  • For the Policy Experts: We already have confirmed members and are still outreaching to other experts. Stay tuned! More pieces of information will follow soon!

An official campaign launched through all our means of communications (including this page) will happen soon meanwhile we have created an online platform to share with us all your remarks and questions (click there).

You can as well refer to the Contact page of this website to submit your request.

Have a good week, see you soon!

The Organising Team

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